Kurdistan Regional Government - Ministry Of Interior

College Of Police / Sulaimany

student duties

.Duties of students in the college of police
1- A. Perform three years studying , one year
Studying contain :-
Eight and a half month of decided studying and training and end year holiday with summer course which had been stated in the instruction of college of police for basic course.
b. perform studying period as follows :-
should not be less than (9) nine months and half and should not be more than one year that was be stated in the instruction of college of police for special course of university graduates and high officers course .
2- After graduate , continuing service for six years in the ranks of the interior security forces .
3- Student should attend (( %85)) eighty five percent of the whole decided hours of studying and training .
4- apply military commands and committing military discipline .
5- Bounden with daily (( work and time )) arrangement issued by college of police.
6- Bounden with orders and decisions of college of police .
7- Bounden with all items in the law and instructions that imposed military personals , or specialized for police men .
8- Bounden with items of adjusted instruction number (1) in year 2000 issued by college of police.

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