Kurdistan Regional Government - Ministry Of Interior

College Of Police / Sulaimany

student rights

Rights of students in college

1- Offering studying place and studying requirements .

2- Offering military training placed , weapons and other requirement

3- .Offering place to sports , moral and body training and what is needed

4- Offering daily food , (4) four meals in normal times , and (2) two meals in ramadan mobarak month .

5- Offering resting locations and beds for remaining students .

6- Offering medical treatments ,

7- providing cars for transporting students .

8- Monthly salary for each student is ((644,000)) sixty hundred and forty four dinner as will as , awarded child and mating grant if the student have been married .

9- A Police sciences bachelor certificate being gave to the succeeded students after three years of studying for basic course .

10- Graduates from college of police will get a second lieutenants degree in the ranks of the interior security forces in a decree issued by kurdistan regional president .

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